Nail It Like a Pro is a private family-run business. We pride ourselves on our exclusive sales and distribution of Andreia, a leader in the Portuguese Professional market for Nail and Beauty products and present in several countries around the world, from Europe through the Middle East and Asia.

We generally supply to TRADE but have since decided that as well as supplying nail technicians, manicurists, beauty therapists, and salon owners, believe that everyone who is interested in nail care and beauty should try and experience the fabulous products we have to offer.

We stock a comprehensive range of competitively priced professional nail and beauty products. We supply bulk lines for busy salons, saving pounds on the normal prices, and best of all we run regular product promotions across the brands.

We take pride in all that we do to make a success of our business and that of our customers. We keep up to date with new advances in the industry and our products are the best value for money. If you have any questions we’ll do our best to help you.

We hope you find this website useful and continue to visit us for all your needs.